Agile, Customer-Centric Business Growth

Interactive discussion tailored for Heads of Digital, Data strategy; Digital Directors; Chief Digital, Information, Security, Experience and Architect Officers.

Digital transformation is essential for large enterprises if they are to remain competitive, agile and customer-centric. Embracing the technologies leads to significant long-term benefits and growth.

Current economic pressures have increased the need for change. Large enterprises understand that digital strategies produce sustainable solutions, boost productivity, and build resilience. Implementing them allows organisations to develop better products that deliver excellent customer experiences while reducing costs.


Lead the direction of your business development.

Identify fresh opportunities, big ideas, case studies and practical insight by incredible speakers from the UK’s most innovative companies. EDTPN will deliver tangible actions for you to take back to your business and lead the debate.


Practical Solutions & Allyship

A series of power talks, workshops and interactive sessions will inform your critical decisions and help you to reassess your business development strategy and futureproof your business. You will develop a network of allies from across UK industry who can help to inform your decisions and provide a powerful sounding board.